• pedals can be ordered directly through this site, through the smallsound/bigsound reverb shop and you may find smallsound/bigsound pedals at any of the fine retailers below.

    i look forward to branching out! if you’re a customer who’d like to find your favorite retailer on this list, send them an email and ask them to start carrying smallsound/bigsound. if you’re a retailer interested in carrying our pedals, send an email to brian@smallsoundbigsound.com.

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  • custom ordering is easy and personal.
    email: brian@smallsoundbigsound.com
    call: 908-405-2615

    1. email or call with your order, paypal email and shipping address, along with any questions and custom finish requests. custom artwork is $25, US shipping is $7 and international shipping is $15 (canada) and $30 (world) sent registered via USPS.

    2. you’ll get an email back within a few days to a week.

    3. i build your pedal(s).

    4. a few days before the pedal is ready to ship, you will receive a paypal invoice for the total cost from brian@smallsoundbigsound.com.

    5. i mail the pedal (with some stickers) and happiness ensues!

    note: at any moment, pedals may ship from 2-4 weeks after confirmation of order… your order may ship sooner though! any delays and i will be in touch!