new screenprinted TAFMs and new dealer day!


i’ve got some screenprinted TAFMs with a new graphic! i’m trying to streamline things somewhat so now when i have printed stuff in stock they’ll be on the site for easy purchasing via a paypal button or through etsy. i’ll get them posted over the weekend…

also, i’m pleased to announce that smallsound/bigsound will now be available at Musicmakers Austin in Austin, TX! earlier this year my band, cymbals eat guitars, was on tour and we had a mind-numbing amount of shows for SXSW… i didn’t let that wear me out and made the trip over to musicmakers to check out the store and show them some pedals. after a good hour or two in the store checking out amps and talking to the exceedingly approachable staff, i left with a Musicmakers T-shirt (see image below) and good vibez for the next few weeks on tour.

they should have things by monday so if you’re in the austin area make a trip over!

black friday-ish sale + giveaway!


for this black friday weekend i’ll have a limited number of fucks, tafms, hawks and minis available through etsy. every one will have a unique, random national geographic finish of my choice, will be 15% off when you use the coupon code NONEMOREBLACK2012 and will ship out by dec. 20. i’ll leave them up until they’re gone!

click for etsy link

also, effectsbay and bassEFX are giving away the TAFM shown below… party time! click for giveaway

stomp box exhibit + POST!


i’ve been so slammed with retail orders and preparing for the weekend that i’ve neglected to update some info…

friday and saturday (10/19-10/20) i’ll have a pedalboard full of stuff to check out at Main Drag Music in Brooklyn, NY for the Deli Magazine’s 2012 Stomp Box Exhibit! i’ll be there at least on friday so come say hi and try out some gear! there will be loads of other amazing manufacturers present as well…

then on saturday and sunday in philadelphia i’ll be participating in POST (philadelphia open studio tours) and will have the shop open to come by and check stuff out! nerd out, drink some beers, see my super exciting space full of pedals AND sculptures by my girlfriend, gabrielle. the address is 2026 east hagert street (viking mills studios) in the courtyard. party time!