new demos up at juan alderete’s pedalsandeffects!


juan was nice enough to invite me over to his studio when i was in california for winter NAMM and we filmed a nice demo of him going through each of my pedals. if you don’t already know who juan is, you’re missing out… he’s an incredibly killer bassist who has played with some amazing bands such as the mars volta, racer X, zavalaz, deltron 3030, big sir and more; plus he’s an incredibly friendly and open guy who is excited about and makes great conversation about music, gear and food.

click for the link to

cyber whatever sale


from now until 12/9 or i am sold out, i will have limited batches of etched fuck overdrives, minis (with either top or side-mounted jacks) and team awesome! fuzzmachines available. the fucks come in either blue/polished or a sort-of matte rust/sparkle finish, the TAFMs are either red/polished or the same matte rust/sparkle and the minis have the same black/polished finish for both top and side-mounted jacks, but are different sizes (125B enclosure for the top-mount, 1590B for the side-mount).

prices are at a slight discount off the regular price and they’re also acid-etched! (which is normally a premium) by the talented danny walters at DW etching. all orders will come with a free t-shirt (please specify size!) and a couple of super cool vinyl stickers (both b&w and color).

shipping is $7 for the US, $15 for canada and $30 for the rest of the world.
all pedals will be shipped by the end of the month, but i can’t make any guarantees on exact ship dates at this time – if you really need something by a certain date just let me know and i’ll try my hardest to make it happen.

i will also be holding an instagram giveaway at the end of the week – so go ahead and get that follow happening if you haven’t already.

happy holidays yall

smallsound/bigsound cyber whatever sale

cyber whatever

t-shirt size

additionally, i will have a booth with a full battery powered pedalboard and headphone amplifier at the philadelphia punk rock flea market at 461 N 9th st. on sunday, december 15 from 10am-5pm if you want to come by and say hey or try anything out in person. i will possibly have some boosts and simple single knob stuff priced to move… wooooooooooooo

new limited edition screenprinted minis with top-mounted jacks + sheponbass interview


i have minis available with a new 2-color screenprinted design and top-mounted jacks (in a slightly taller enclosure, 125B) for the same price as the old mini, $159. only 100 will be made with this design, so scoop one up before they’re all gone! also, i have just a few purple on bare aluminum team awesome! fuzzmachines available! use the paypal button below for either…

also, here’s a an interview i did for bassist Chris Shepperson’s blog, Shep On Bass. i discuss the genesis of the TAFM, process and design tweaking. give it a read if you have a few minutes!


new dealer day – effekt-boutique in germany!


i am very happy to announce that Effekt-Boutique in Ostfildern, Germany are now a retailer for smallsound/bigsound! now german customers can avoid their complicated customs process (and it seems to be rather complicated…) and support another small business in the process by buying smallsound/bigsound locally. hooray!

special printed TAFMs, minis & small run of F_ck Mountain (dual drive)


i have a limited number (only a handful of each!) of custom powdercoated and screenprinted minis & TAFMs available!

also, some FUCK MOUNTAINS! these are dual overdrives comprised of both a mini and (what-was-to-be) mountain range. the mountain range is voiced somewhat similarly to the mini, but with a different tone control (big muff based, with a mids toggle) and a different overall feel – they work marvelously together in series or by switching back and forth as complimentary low gain/high gain tones. i have a small number of either sanded aluminum with black screenprinted graphics or raw aluminum with a white screened background and black screened graphics.

• controls for the mini are standard: bass, treble, bias, gain, volume, bypass
• controls for the mountain range: pregain, gain, tone, volume, mids toggle, starve toggle, bypass
• global controls include an order toggle (mini>MR or MR>mini) and (if requested) a master bypass.
• top mounted in/out/power jacks.

i will be building/shipping these as orders come in but will ship 2 weeks from ordering at the latest – see paypal button below.