lots of pink pedals available


hey. i’m back from tour for a bit and have been busily churning out pedals for my retailers and slowly chipping away at my waitlist (thanks so much for your patience!). i know a lot of folks are psyched about the batches of pink pedals i have available so here they are until they’re sold out.

they will ship within 2-3 WEEKS of ordering (though possibly earlier), so please be aware of that fact before you place your order. if anyone ends up ordering a set of all 4, i’ll refund them 10% of the total before shipping. wooooooooo

i also have standard colors back in stock for all pedals on their respective pages (ALSO shipping in 2-3 weeks!). follow the links below!



circuits to cure cancer superbuzzz



for the past 2 years i’ve donated to circuits to cure cancer and am happy to say that this year was no different. there are only 2 days left to bid on this bad boy and it’s already up to almost $500 at the time of this posting (wow!) so have at it.


details are:
the superbuzzz is my buzzz with an added octave down, clean blend and a series/parallel switch to add crushing low octaves either before, after or blended in parallel with the buzzz. holy goddamn shitballs this is huge.

– series/parallel rotary switch which allows for series or parallel operation of fuzz and octave down/clean blend, including a blend of all 3 signals in parallel, fuzz > octave and octave > fuzz = 3 possible modes.
– a dedicated mid-boost toggle which allows for even more! mids when in the non-scooped mode.
– 3 separate volume controls for fuzz, clean and octave down.
– awesomely huge enclosure to match awesomely huge sounds (1590DD).
– you’ll get a t-shirt with the pedal! wooooo
– a shipping date of late august. :-( i’ll be on tour until early august and this way i can ensure a high-quality product with nice PCB, printed graphics, etc will be delivered. thus because of the wait, i will be more than happy to change/personalize the pedal a bit to suit the individual’s needs.

on tour for ever almost.


hey hey. i just got back from a tour in the UK and have been back-and-forth on tours with my band (cymbals eat guitars) for what seems like forever now. unfortunately i have another pretty long one coming up this summer which means that ordering a pedal is yet again a process… if you try checking out and are directed back to the site, it means that i’m sold out of that particular pedal or finish and you must EMAIL ME! brian@smallsoundbigsound.com to reserve a spot on my waiting list. i’ll have a healthy amount of pedals heading out in the next few weeks to re-stock most of my retailers and will probably have time for a few direct orders but for the most part orders will resume shipping in early august.

tour dates here