new for 2018 – pay with cryptocurrency


i am happy to accept a handful of types of cryptocurrency in exchange for pedals. please email me about which type you are interested in using and i will let you know if it’s possible or if another type would work for you. i’ll happily use the current exchange rate at the time you email me.

send an email with the pedal(s) you’re interested in and a few options of currency you wish to use – if it’s not one i’m willing to accept, you can always convert it and send me another. i’ll happily give anyone 10% off the purchase and discount shipping if you wish to make this happen! <3 shipping will be included for all US customers, +$10usd for canada and $25usd for everywhere else in the world. note that all pedals ship within 1-3 weeks of ordering.

on tour until 10/17 – trying something new with waitlist deposits


hey hey i’ll be on tour for a bit so i’m trying something new with deposits for pedals to ensure your place on a waitlist, rather than the need to email me directly. as always, i want to encourage purchasing from one of my retailers but if you want to order direct and wait it’s just a $25 deposit on a pedal. easy peasy. if you don’t wish to leave a deposit, simply email me and i will add you to the list without it. no worries!

if you’re around when we come through your city, come out and say hey! i love nerding out.

Cymbals Eat Guitars
9/7 New Haven, CT Bar Night Club*
9/8 Burlington, VT Signal Kitchen
9/9 Albany, NY The Low Beat
9/10 State College, PA Chronic Town
9/11 Asbury Park, NJ The Saint
9/15 Brooklyn, NY Music Hall of Williamsburg*^
9/16 Allston, MA Great Scott^
9/17 Providence, RI The Parlour*
9/18 Washington, DC DC9*^
9/19 Raleigh, NC Kings*^
9/20 Atlanta, GA Drunken Unicorn*^
9/21 Orlando, FL Will’s Pub*^
9/22 Tallahassee, FL Club Downunder*^
9/23 New Orleans HoB – The Parish*^
9/24 Dallas, TX Three Links*^
9/25 Austin, TX The Sidewinder*^
9/27 Phoenix, AZ The Rebel Lounge*^
9/28 San Diego, CA Soda Bar*^
9/29 Los Angeles, CA The Echo*^
9/30 Pomona, CA Acerogami*^
10/1 San Francisco,CA Swedish Amer. Hall*^
10/3 Portland, OR Doug Fir Lounge*^
10/4 Vancouver, BC The Cobalt*^
10/5 Seattle, WA Barboza*^
10/7 Salt Lake City, UT Metro Bar*^
10/8 Denver, CO Larimer Lounge*^
10/9 Omaha, NE Reverb Lounge*^
10/10 Minneapolis, MN 7th Street Entry*^
10/11 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle*^
10/12 Ferndale, MI The Loving Touch*^
10/13 Toronto, ON The Garrison*^
10/14 Montreal, QC La Vitrola*^
10/16 Philadelphia, PA Johnny Brenda’s*^

*with Field Mouse
^with Wildhoney

Pretty Years Pedal layout/control update



i’m going to add a little more color splatter over the large triangles but it will be subtle…

– feedback controls (stompswitch, toggle and potentiometer) – it just wasn’t working out the way i had hoped and kinda sucked.
– one of the triode/pentode toggles

– a really cool/weird switching scheme which creates a bunch of different feedback networks – this includes 4 extra toggle switches
– frequency modulation switch for the VCF
– 4 filter modes – LP/BP/HP/NOTCH
– extra gain knob added
– pregain toggle for more gain and diode clipping
– runs on a standard 9V supply now. i still need to check the mA use but regardless i think it’s own supply or an isolated supply would be preferred in general.

the switching thing is fucking rad.
if you imagine the pedal in block form like this with T = each tube stage and the VCF as a separate block that is disconnected

the 4 toggles (1, 2, 3, 4) allow you to send the VCF to different points in the circuit (or completely switched out), like so:
INPUT – PREGAIN – VCF – T1 – T2 – T3 – EQ – OUTPUT (1)
INPUT – PREGAIN – T1 – VCF – T2 – T3 – EQ – OUTPUT (2)
INPUT – PREGAIN – T1 – T2 – VCF – T3 – EQ – OUTPUT (3)
INPUT – PREGAIN – T1 – T2 – T3 – VCF – EQ – OUTPUT (4)
each mode is distinctly different and has it’s own merits.

if you start adding combinations of those things you get all this crazy feedback because the of the way the toggles are set up. for example:
switch 1, 3 and the circuit looks like this

but the output of T2 also gets fed back to the input of T1 along with the output of the VCF after T2. it starts to get very complicated very quickly…in any case there’s all sorts of feedback-y type things that happen plus you get phase cancellation and such from feeding both signals in at the same time so there are lots and lots of different sounds available, especially with all of the different filter modes and the frequency modulation.

adding more switches gets way more complex, etc. i was getting super intense octave down stuff, a really amazing sounding tremolo, lots of super gnarly stuff including pure noise chaos and i barely scratched the surface.

the proto PCB should be completed and confirmed by tuesday, wherein i will order everything needed and start production!




it’s that special time of the year that i, along with many other folks, have discounted goods available. from now until they are gone, i will have 3 separate tiers of discounts on some different finishes. since you’re on the newsletter, you get first dibs. fuck yeah. all orders come with a shirt too (one per order) so that rules. order more than one pedal for a deeper discount (in the form of a partial refund)! all pedals will ship out by 12/21 – if otherwise i will inform you immediately. for international purchases i cannot promise delivery by xmas, sorry… *sad face*

10% off national geographic finishes! attached is a pic of all available graphics – if you order more than one pedal (say 1 TAFM and 1 buzzz or even all 4 pedals), i will match the graphics or make a special complimentary set. see below for the available images (you will get a random image!) and a recent example for reference. 5 each of TAFM, buzzz and fuck overdrive and 10 top-mounted minis available.

photo 1 (7) photo (22)

15% off super rad fuck overdrives in slime green and black on white sparkle! i have never done this colorway before but it totally rules – the sparkle really comes through in person! only 15 available.

20% off stamped finishes and some B-stock buzzzes! i have done this stamped look before and they take a little less effort, hence the extra discount. for this batch however, control names will be added! the buzzzes are a white print on black starlight powdercoat – something about the combo of the 2 causes the screenprint to scratch easily. meh. they all have small blemishes but all text is legible and the pedals still look pretty damn fine. 8 B-stock buzzz, 5 each of stamped TAFM, buzzz and top-mounted mini available.

photo (23) photo (24)

i sincerely hope this email finds you well and you have a lovely rest of the year and happy new year. new things should be coming in the next year… i know i keep saying that but this time it’s true. lots of love and thank you x1000000 for your continued support.

all the best,