• smallsound/bigsound is an effects pedal company operated by me, brian hamilton. from an early age, i have always been obsessed with sound and my background in sound design and synthesis has greatly informed the way i approach effects. i take great pride in my work and build every pedal with as much love as if i were building it for myself…

    i play keyboards in a noise-rock band named cymbals eat guitars and reside in philadelphia, PA with my lovely wife and two cats (one small, one big!).

    i am located in the fishtown neighborhood of philadelphia, PA. if you would like to stop by the shop, please email or call to arrange an appointment.
  • warranty and returns
    all pedals have a lifetime warranty on parts and labor (excluding shipping costs), regardless of where the pedal was bought and whether you’re the original owner or not. if your pedal has any issues, please contact us. i may be able to diagnose the problem, but if not, i will explain what you need to do to get the pedal to me. please remember to include your return address and paypal email with the package so that any shipping charges, etc. can be processed as quickly as possible.

    the warranty does not apply to any pedals that have been deliberately destroyed or modified by anyone other than smallsound/bigsound, though i will fix said pedals for a small bench fee.

    sadly, returns are not something i can accommodate at this time. if you think one is necessary please purchase through one of my retailers who offer returns.

    smallsound/bigsound pedals are built without batteries and require a 9VDC negative tip power supply. my recommended supplies are the visual sound 1spot or voodoo labs pedal power. noises, hums and/or other extraneous sounds may occur and certain functions may not work as intended if an unregulated supply is used.
    NOTE: please do NOT try to use higher voltages unless the pedal specifies it.

    shipping and turnaround
    all pedals are shipped via USPS unless otherwise requested. priority for US orders (2-3 days), first-class for canada orders (around a week), registered international first-class for all other countries (1-3 weeks).
    turnaround is currently at approximately 2-3 weeks from order date, possibly sooner.
    PLEASE NOTE: international orders may be subject to import taxes and fees and customers will be responsible for any and all of these charges. unfortunately, i have nothing to do with this - please check your country's import tax fees.

    graphics and finish
    smallsound/bigsound pedals are finished using a number of different processes including screenprinting, ink stamps, lacquered photo paper prints, spraypaint, pen and ink, collage and graphics from various periodicals, photographs, found images and even found objects such as leaves, etc. should you request a “standard” finish, the knobs, color and process are at the discretion of smallsound/bigsound. please contact us to discuss custom artwork – there is an additional charge of $25.
    NOTE: i am currently not accepting any custom orders for the foreseeable future. (as of january 1, 2018)
  • brian@smallsoundbigsound.com